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Architecture connects people to each other and to their environment in ways that lead to a deeper understanding of the world.  I believe that our daily experiences shape the way we frame ideas and values.  These connections are both cultural, in the perception of relationships in time and space, and environmental, in bringing the experience of dynamic systems into everyday life. My work ranges in scale from individual dwellings to institutions and communities.  Every project is conceived as an addition to its site, whether a historic building, a rich urban context or an agricultural landscape, developed to enhance the inherited cultural and natural ecologies.

In addition to leading this architectural practice, I am a Professor of Architecture at the University of Virginia, and have been involved in the university administration as Associate Vice President for Research in Design, Arts and Humanities, and Founding Director of OpenGrounds. As an architect and educator, my teaching and design research examine dynamic cultural and environmental processes through synergies between architectural design and complex systems ranging in scale from human physiology to global energy flows.  The work has been published internationally and has received numerous awards, including six from the American Institute of Architects, five for Design Excellence at the national, state and local levels and one for Excellence in Education.



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